Do you know how to identify human rights risks in your portfolio? Do you know what to do to minimise these risks?

Do you know how human rights can negatively impact your financial holdings?

Do you know how to screen your investee companies to identify human rights risks? Do you know how human rights screening differs from ESG screening?

Do you know where to prioritise your human rights efforts in your financial holdings?

Do you know the range of measures you can take with investee companies to achieve your desired result of investing in sustainable rights-respecting companies?

Do you know how to build leverage with investors and other stakeholders when faced with complex human rights issues?


Triponel Consulting works with investors to build their ability to anticipate, identify and manage human rights risks in their investments, with a specific focus on high-risk investments.


“We are intent on seeking to manage the human rights risks associated with our clients’ investments. Anna helped facilitate, structure and challenge our thinking on human rights as a team, as a means to devise creative ways and increase our leverage to achieve more positive human rights outcomes. This has helped us unlock a number of opportunities when it comes to engaging with companies and other parties to achieve more successful engagement outcomes.”

Tim Goodman, Director, Hermes EOS, London