So much information, so little time.

Can you believe that when I was writing my masters thesis on business and human rights, I read everything that existed on the topic? That would be impossible today. That was in 2004, and now, 15 years on, the field has not just burgeoned, it has exploded.

This library is intended to help save you some time by providing links to valuable resources on business, human rights and the climate.

It provides links to resources that I have found helpful in my work. It is not an exhaustive list of resources on all topics, neither is it an exclusive list: there are many other helpful resources out there.

To get further information on the vast array of resources that exist now in this field, take a look at the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre. You can search by topic, company or country. If you haven’t already, definitely subscribe to their weekly update, which you can do here.


(For those of you who are subscribed to my website, apologies in advance as I will be adding resources to this on an ongoing basis until end of January 2020 so you will likely receive several emails. Do feel free to unsubscribe until February.)