Do you know whether your company and business partners respect human rights? Do you have an appropriate human rights risk management process in place to anticipate and address human rights-related risks?

Do you know enough about the working conditions in your operations and in the companies you rely upon to conduct your business?

Do you know whether workers/ communities are harmed in the course of sourcing your raw materials?

Do you know how the products you sell could harm people?

Do you know which human rights-related laws apply to you and what they call for in practice?

Do you know what the expectations of your investors, customers and governmental counter-parts are when it comes to human rights risk management?

Do you understand when you may have a responsibility to provide remedy under the UN Guiding Principles?

Do you know how to improve relationships with your stakeholders to in turn strengthen your human rights approach?

Do you know how to communicate effectively on these topics?


Triponel Consulting works with companies to embed responsible business practices and human rights risk management throughout their business.


“Anna brought the whole senior management team along with her in this process of assessing and managing our human rights impacts. We gained a much deeper understanding of how our business connects to human rights, beyond our positive contributions, and emerged with strong human rights mitigation measures that build on our existing systems and processes. We regularly meet as a management team to discuss how we build on this human rights impact assessment work Anna helped us kick-start.”

Sandy Barblett, General Manager, Equatorial Palm Oil, Liberia

“Anna led a Human Rights Impact Assessment (HRIA) team, to conduct a study for a project for the company. Her leadership was essential to helping shape the process and resulting report to a very high standard. We strengthened our knowledge of stakeholder expectations and potential impacts with a specific focus on those that are more vulnerable to impact. We devised an action plan to strengthen how we manage our human rights impacts that builds on our ESIA work, views gathered from a range of functions and lessons learned in resettlement.”

Emmanuel Ato Aubynn, Regional Social Responsibility Manager, Newmont Goldcorp Africa Operations

When we started working with Anna Triponel as Ombudsperson, the field of ‘business and human rights’ was new to us, as it was to most in the logistics industry. However, we knew that we had to provide couriers a strong voice and make changes to support our ability to respect people connected to our business, and address situations where they were not. Anna played an instrumental role in our ability to do so, providing guidance and recommendations to steer the business as we sought to embed our Code of Conduct into our business. It was particularly helpful for us to learn from how other companies are seeking to embed their codes and provide remedy, and how they have sought to address similar challenges we have faced. Combined with our recent changes to the courier model, we have built upon the strong foundations laid by our work with Anna and we look forward to continuing our journey with Anna’s support and guidance.”

Hugo Martin, General Counsel, Hermes Parcelnet, UK

“We are the largest privately-owned fragrance & flavor company in the world, creating fragrances and flavors for the world’s most desirable brands. We believe strongly in inclusive business, and we seek to grow and develop our business activity while addressing key societal needs and preserving the environment. Anna has been our trusted advisor through this process of integrating human rights respect into our business. I particularly appreciate her knowledge of lessons learned from other companies undertaking a similar journey, her understanding of business imperatives and ways in which to integrate respect into them, and her understanding of the broader eco-system within which our salient human rights issues sit. She is a forward-looking thinker, suggesting new creative – but also tangible and realistic – approaches to meet our objectives.”

Bérangère Magarinos-Ruchat, Chief Sustainability Officer, Firmenich